This year we celebrate 25 years of success. We have delivered 45 projects worth $5,000000 in value, worked on the restoration of 600 ha of remnants and facilitated the planting of 1,500,000 trees which is restoring 300ha of rainforest.

The availability of regular government funding that can be accessed for our critically important conservation work is now problematic.

Looking to the future we can seek the support of government but cannot be reliant on it. The challenge we face is to obtain the financial support of the community and local business to enable us to continue and hopefully expand our vital work of restoring and providing ongoing care of our critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest.

We have established a sister organisation, the Big Scrub Foundation, whose sole objective is to raise funds for the restoration and ongoing care of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest. The Foundation is a registered not-for-profit charity that has endorsement to receive tax-deductible donations.

It has set up a permanent endowment fund that is invested to provide a permanent source of income to fund our activities. It has already received a $1million donation and generous bequest. We need donations and bequests to increase the endowment fund to $5 million to provide permanent income to fund the ongoing care of the rainforest we are restoring in the Big Scrub.

The Big Scrub remnants are listed as critically endangered. They have inestimable value. We must nurture and care for them. We must be their voice – the voice of the rainforest.

We urgently need your help. Please donate now and help us to restore and care for our critically endangered rainforest and to save its 99 threatened species. Donations made before 30th June can be deducted from your taxable income in this financial year.