Remnant Care

Working in partnership with private landholders, NSW National Parks & Wildlife, all levels of government and other community organisaitons, Big Scrub Rainforest Conservancy has developed, funded and delivered outstanding outcomes for over 30 years.

Protecting Ecological and Cultural Value

The Big Scrub remnants have very high conservation value as they collectively include almost all the surviving species of the 40m year old, Gondwana-descended pre-European settlement forest and its genetic diversity. They also have high cultural value to the local Aboriginal People and also to non-Aboriginal people who experience and cherish its beauty and incredible biodiversity.

We have run more than 50 successful on-ground projects over the past 30 years to control weeds, the major immediate threat to the survival of remnants and restoration plantings of our Gondwana-descended rainforests, and to monitor improvements in vegetation condition.

These projects, valued at more than $5m, were funded by grants from the Australian and NSW governments, donations from philanthropic organisations and contributions from landholders.

Bush Regeneration

We now do rehabilitation work and provide ongoing care for more than 40 Big Scrub remnants, including all 10 remnants in NSW National Parks and Nature Reserves. In addition, landholders care for another 15 remnants, many of which we managed previously.

This work is carried out by experienced expert bush regenerators who are licenced to work in endangered ecological communities. They also monitor improvements in vegetation condition and any incursions by livestock.

Weed control and monitoring are ongoing tasks because fresh weed infestations continue and, if left unattended, pose a major threat to the ongoing survival of the remnants.

How our work is funded

During the peak in Australian Government biodiversity conservation funding 15 years ago, we undertook or funded rehabilitation work in a further 50 remnants between Grafton and the Qld border. The Big Scrub Foundation and the Rekindle Foundation, not government, now provide a substantial proportion of the funding for our ongoing Remnant Care Program.