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Our Science Saving Rainforests Program is a new, genome-science backed approach to ecosystem restoration. We’re excited to announce it has an incredible new home in the hinterland of Byron Bay.

We need your support to develop this new headquarters – a beautiful 38-acre property in McLeans Ridges – which will become home to a living seed-bank plantation of 60 critically important subtropical rainforest tree species. 

Help fund our new plantation site

Your donation will help us fund development of Science Saving Rainforest’s new base in the Byron Bay hinterland. 

Incredible species, like rainforest plums, tamarinds, quandongs, the Coolamon, Firewheel and many others, are under threat. They’re the building blocks of lowland subtropical rainforest, a habitat which so many rare and threatened fauna rely upon for survival. 

Our plantation will grow seed for restoration plantings that will help restore the genetic diversity needed for these tree species to survive, as well as increase their resilience to climate change. 

Without your help the Big Scrub rainforest, and other subtropical rainforests, will continue to slowly fade away.

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For larger donations, you can transfer via direct deposit to avoid the transaction fees we are charged and make sure every cent goes to the rainforest.

Account Name: Rainforest Treasury
BSB: 062565
Account number: 10833458

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We will send you a confirmation email thanking you for your donation and a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

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Big Scrub Threatened Species

The Big Scrub is built from over 450 species of flora, of which over 40 are classified as threatened in NSW (around 20 are endangered or critically endangered). This habitat is home to countless species of fauna, of which over 60 are threatened with extinction. Below are just a few of these species that need your support.

Albert's Lyrebird


Wompoo Fruit Dove


Red-legged Pademelon


Spotted-tailed Quoll


Coxen's Fig Parrot

Critically Endangered

Regent Honeyeater

Critically Endangered

Science Saving Rainforests

Our ground-breaking Science Saving Rainforests program analyses the genomes of 60 species occurring in critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest based on DNA sequencing of more than 10,000 leaf samples.

These genome analyses will inform the establishment of a multi-species living seed bank plantation that will produce planting stock with optimal genetic diversity for restoration plantings to help save from extinction our critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest and its threatened species.