Big Scrub Landcare (BSL) is doing something to stop the extinction of more than 28 threatened animal species and 30 threatened plant species that are found in critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest across the Big Scrub.

BSL in partnership with NSW Government’s Saving our Species program is contributing over $500,000 of investment in the next four years to undertake rainforest restoration works to improve habitat and survival of these important threatened species.

Sites include the largest and highest conservation value rainforest remnants in Nightcap National park and National Parks Nature Reserves. Significant Big Scrub remnants on private land are also benefiting from ecological restoration works.

Iain Stych, Bush Regenerator at Envite Environment and working on the BSL project said:

“Small remnants of rainforest are so important. They provide valuable habitat for flora and fauna, increase genetic diversity and build stepping-stone corridors across the landscape, assisting in the movement of species from one area to another and contributing to the recovery and conservation of rainforest and habitat for threatened species”.

Rainforest restoration is an ongoing essential process if we are to ensure continued existence into the future”.

Just a few of the threatened species at home in the Big Scrub include the Giant Barred Frog, Grey-headed Flying-fox, Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, Southern Pink Underwing Moth and plants including Coolamon, Red Lilly Pilly and Thorny Pea.

When remaining Big Scrub rainforest remnants become degraded through weeds, habitat is also degraded for the plants and animals that depend on the rainforest.

Systematic weed control works are being implemented by professional bush regenerators using best practice techniques. Detailed monitoring is being undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of works in restoring rainforest and threatened species habitat.

Professional bush regenerators have been engaged to restore rainforest at 58 remnants with work at 25 remnants funded by Saving our Species and the remainder of work funded by Big Scrub Landcare, private landholders and partners including the NSW Environmental Trust.