Contributed by Maree Thompson, Environment Projects Coordinator, Envite Environment

Critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest and habitat for threatened species in Nightcap National Park, including sites in the Minyon Falls and Wanganui Gorge areas, will benefit from a $120,000 grant under the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Recovery Fund.

Funding of over $3 million was approved for 19 projects across Australia.

Envite Environment was successful with funding to implement the project Restoring and connection habitat for 21 EPBC threatened species and lowland rainforest EEC in Nightcap Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.

Extensive areas of Lantana and other weeds degrade habitat. Systematic weed control over 35 ha will stimulate natural rainforest regeneration with benefits for the health and connectivity of threatened flora and fauna habitat. This will build on adjoining previous restoration works that have been extremely effective in restoring lowland subtropical rainforest and threatened species habitat.

Community field days, local school biodiversity workshops and project promotions will develop awareness of the significance of threatened species and lowland subtropical rainforest demonstrate skills in weed control and restoration techniques.

Threatened species to benefit from habitat restoration works include red bopple nut, grey-headed flying fox, giant barred frog, thorny pea, davidsons plum, red lilypilly, southern fontainea, hairy quandong and Eastern freshwater cod. (Coopers Creek in Wanganui Gorge).