BSL is well into the first of the $554,400 four-year Saving our Species Co-Funded project. Professional bush regenerators are on track to complete this-years allocated 402 work-days restoring rainforest across 58 remnants.

This important work is assisting the recovery and conservation of the two NSW endangered lowland rainforest ecological communities in the Big Scrub region on the NSW north coast and enhancing the habitat and contributing to recovery of 28 landscape-managed fauna species (LMS) and 30 site-managed flora species (SMS).

Project sites include the largest and highest conservation value rainforest remnants in Nightcap National park and National Parks Nature Reserves. Significant Big Scrub remnants on private land are also benefiting from ecological restoration works.

Maree Thompson, Senior Environment Coordinator at Envite Environment said:

“The current bushfires including in Nightcap National Park and the impacts on our environment are devastating.  Once these project sites are safe to access, assessments of biodiversity loss and plans to assist recovery of rainforest will be required. Of concern is the increased level of weed infestation which is likely to occur after the fires. Bare open areas and gaps in canopy will allow weeds to establish in competition to regrowth and regeneration of native plants.”

The Saving our Species program is a coordinated response to conserve over 1000 listed threatened species and ecological communities across the whole of NSW. The program aims to maximise the number of threatened species that are secured in the wild in NSW for 100 years.