If you are curious about the lifecycle of a rainforest, transforming from seed to soaring trees, the long-awaited release of ‘Australian Rainforest Seeds – A guide to collecting, processing and propagation’ will definitely be of interest to you. This well-crafted, beautifully photographed book focuses on the unique diversity of 300 subtropical rainforest fruits and seed and how you can propagate and grow your own forest. Co-author Mark Dunphy of Firewheel Rainforest Nursery says, “This book is the culmination of knowledge and research from some of the most respected rainforest ecologists and propagators.”

Australian Rainforest Seeds has grown from the collective efforts of renowned rainforest experts and ecologists who together share several decades of propagation experience of rainforest species. Together, Mark Dunphy, Steve McAlpin, Paul Nelson, Michelle Chapman and Hugh Nicholson have united to create and publish this insightful and useful rainforest guide.

The brilliant bright colours of various rainforest seeds on the front cover alone, lends the reader to a treat of beautiful photographs captured across the pages inside. Mark Dunphy explains that the photos are a unique collection from Hugh Nicolson’s extensive library, “Hugh has a comprehensive photo record of seed from more than the 300 species that were the focus of this book. We are fortunate to have Hugh Nicholson’s stunning, high-quality images that have taken a lifetime to capture.”

Complementary to the collaborative efforts of the authors, Australian Rainforest Seeds was published by CSIRO Publishing. “CSIRO have a number of requirements to ensure that published work, including the production of this book, is scientifically accurate, reliable and has been rigorously peer-reviewed,” Mark explains. The authors acknowledge the support and recognition of CSIRO Publishing in helping to print such a beautiful resource that will be used far and wide by people interested in restoring rainforest.

‘Australian Rainforest Seeds – A guide to collecting, processing and propagation’ was officially launched at the Eltham Pub last Thursday evening, 20th February. The event formed the first of many as part of the Northern Rivers Science Hub’s, ‘Science walks/Science Talks: Science in the Pub’ program hosted by a regional network of local partners.

The book launch saw more than 400 people attend to gain insight into rainforest restoration and seed propagation. Attendees enjoyed presentations and unique observations from the authors as well as an overview of the books development and how it grew from a humble idea through to an accomplished publication. Mark says the project was 30 years in the making, “This guide is a product of research and knowledge from lifetimes of work and experience.” “We hope readers gain as much from the book as we have gained developing it,” he says.

Australian Rainforest Seeds has generated interest across Australia and internationally. If you would like to get your hands on a copy of ‘Australian Rainforest Seeds – A guide to collecting, processing and propagation’ please buy at Firewheel Nursery, Terania Publishing, CSRIO Publishing and other online bookstores.