Big Scrub Landcare has published a third edition of its highly regarded Subtropical Rainforest Restoration – A practical manual and data source for Landcare groups, land managers and rainforest regenerators.

Written for land managers, Landcare groups, rainforest regenerators and restoration consultants Big Scrub Landcare’s rainforest restoration manual is a comprehensive guide to rainforest and subtropical rainforest restoration practices.

Dr Tony Parkes, President Big Scrub Landcare said:

“The manual provides information on how to rehabilitate and care for existing subtropical rainforest remnants and re-establish subtropical rainforest on land from which it has been cleared”.

“The third edition identifies and incorporates the latest science all the current best practice techniques for: rainforest restoration; remnant rehabilitation; rainforest regeneration planning; rainforest restoration planting; rainforest weed control; and important data relevant to planting for 289 trees and shrubs that occur in lowland subtropical rainforest”.

First published in 1998 with a second edition in 2005 the manual has sold over 4000 copies to date.

The third edition has been produced by Big Scrub Landcare with the assistance of Envite Environment and Firewheel Rainforest Nursery. It has received support from the Patagonia Environment Grants Fund of Tides Foundation.  It has been sponsored by: Rous County Council; Rainforest Rescue; Lismore City Council;  Ballina Shire Council; Brookfarm; Stone and Wood.; Richmond Landcare Inc; Brunswick Valley Landcare; East Coast Bush Regeneration; Darren Bailey; Building Forest Designs; Brush Turkey Enterprises; Big Scrub Regen Pty Ltd; Landmark Ecological Services and Forest Heart Econursery.

Big Scrub Landcare wish to acknowledge and thank all of the many professionals who have generously contributed to the writing, editing, artwork and production of both the third and previous editions of the rainforest restoration manual.

The manual is also available for pick-up from the following places:

  • Envite Environment – Lismore (pick-up)
  • Firewheel Rainforest Nursery – Corndale (pick-up)
  • Lismore Environment Centre – Lismore (pick-up)
  • Brunswick Valley Landcare – Mullumbimby (pick-up)
  • Border Ranges Richmond Valley Landcare Network – Kyogle (pick-up)
  • Barung Landcare – Maleny (pick-up)
  • Forest Heart Nursery – Maleny (pick – up).

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