Big Scrub Landcare have been awarded $290,400 under the NSW Government’s Saving our Species Conservation Co-Funding Scheme for a project to conserve and facilitate the recovery of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest and its many landscape-managed threatened species.

The Big Scrub Foundation and Big Scrub Landcare are providing another $264,000 in cash co-funding, resulting in $554,400 being available for this vitally important conservation work over the next 4 years.

This landscape-scale project will continue Big Scrub Landcare’s long-term program to restore lowland subtropical rainforest that is listed as critically endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Forty-five flora species and thirty-four fauna species that occur in lowland subtropical rainforest are listed as threatened under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016

Dr Tony Parkes, Big Scrub Landcare President said:

“Big Scrub Landcare is delighted to be partnering the Saving our Species program in this project. The Big Scrub Foundation is providing most of Big Scrub Landcare’s contribution of $264,000 to the project. This is a great project because it will provide continuity of funding over 4 years that will enable Big Scrub Landcare to continue to progress its vitally important work in rehabilitating and providing ongoing care of the remnants of critically endangered rainforest in the Big Scrub, which will enhance the habitat of the many threatened species in the remnants. “

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The NSW Government’s Saving our Species program is investing $100 million over five years to increase the number of threatened plants and animals living in the wild. For more information visit