Refugium: a place of refuge where a community of species survives after extinction in surrounding areas.

This apt description of the remnants of Big Scrub rainforest is also the inspiration for a new docuseries created and produced by Mullumbimby-born Liana Cornell. The beautifully shot series tells heartwarming stories of good being done by everyday heroes, communities and companies dedicated to nurturing nature and preserving these pockets of protection.

The work of Big Scrub Landcare is featured in episode three of the five part series. The tiny pockets of the Big Scrub support thousands of ancient species of flora and fauna, many of which are threatened with extinction. Cornell chats with our co-founder and president, Dr Tony Parkes AO, about what can be done to save these pockets of rainforest and other ecosystems around the country.

Behind the scenes footage of Dr Tony Parkes chatting with Liana Cornell during filming for Refugia.

Cinematically stunning and evocative, Refugia sets out to inspires us to be the solution. To watch the series, head to Waterbear Network or visit their website or Instagram. Waterbear is a streaming platform for environmental content. Not only is it free to join, but every sign-up has a tree planted in their honour.

Watch the trailer for Refugia.