Big Scrub Landcare have successfully completed an extremely valuable project restoring critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest at Rocky Creek Dam and Nightcap National Park. The six-year project was made possible by a $249,000 grant from NSW Environmental Trust and other sources of funding from Big Scrub Landcare and project partners Rous County Council and NSW National Parks and Wildlife. The project was delivered through Envite Environment.

Dr Tony Parkes, President Big Scrub Landcare said:

“This project improved the on-going health and resilience of over 50ha of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest at Minyon Falls and the Big Scrub Flora Reserve In Nightcap National Park and enhanced its habitat values for many threatened species, including the pink underwing moth, red bobble nut, arrowhead vine and red lily pilly. The project also contributed to the long-term restoration of lowland subtropical rainforest at Rocky Creek Dam. This 40ha site adjoins Nightcap National Park. We appreciated the opportunity of continuing to assist our long-term partners NSW Parks and Wildlife and Rous County Council ”

Maree Thompson, Environment Projects Coordinator Envite Environment said:

“In addition to the environmental outcomes the project has raised awareness about the Big Scrub and has engaged with over 7000 people building capacity to protect and restore this important vegetation community through Big Scrub Rainforest days, field days and community plantings. The community plantings have contributed over 9000 trees to the Big Scrub during the course of the project.

Dr Parkes continued “Although the 6 year funded project has come to an end, Big Scrub Landcare will continue this work through its Big Scrub Remnant Care Program. We as a community can and must take the lead in conserving and caring for our magnificent natural environment and our country’s rich and unique biodiversity. Please get involved.”