Big Scrub Landcare has been awarded another Environmental Trust (ET) grant for $100,000 over two years to restore critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest. This latest grant enables BSL to continue it’s long-term multi-partnered Rainforest Restoration Programs.

Dr Tony Parkes (President, Big Scrub Landcare) said:

“This latest ET grant marks twenty years of continuous ET funding totalling more than a million dollars. Restoration work in this project will be undertaken at 58 remnant and re-establishment sites in the Big Scrub.“

This project continues the long-term multi-partner program led by BSL to:

  1. Rehabilitate and provide ongoing management of remnants of critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest in the Big Scrub, part of the Border Ranges National Biodiversity Hotspot, which will minimise future damage from weeds, pathogens and climate change;
  2. Protect and enhance the habitat of 54 threatened species;
  3. Re-establish lowland subtropical rainforest on land from which it has been cleared;
  4. Enhance connectivity across the Big Scrub landscape, part of the Great Eastern Ranges Corridor;
  5. Engage with and educate community members and landholders about lowland subtropical rainforest and its restoration.

The major outcomes of this project will see weed infestations reduced and the condition of native rainforest vegetation improved in 46 remnants of Critically Endangered Lowland Subtropical Rainforest and at 8 Lowland Subtropical Rainforest re-establishment sites. The project allows for more than 1000 days of work by bush regenerators.